Web Maintenance

This website is designed, developed and maintained by:

Contacts Online

All feedback relating to website updates and comments should direct to:

admin [at] contactsonline.net

All updates, amendments needed, please direct soft copies to admin [at] contactsonline.net,
updates may be done within 24 to 48 hours. ( length of time will vary with amount of works )
All updates/amendments may be for a fee and chargeable.
Client must proof-read all updates/amendments upon uploaded
to the website. Any errors need to be done must feedback within
24-48 hours.

Contacts Online Web Development Terms and Conditions:

Contacts Online is contracted to design and develop websites
for you on a fee basis.
Fees are are on mutual agreeable basis base on the amount of job done.
Fees may not be in accordance to the market rate as the market pricing
for web development varies and volatile.

Graphics and design formats may not be transferable to owner of website
or any third parties, though graphics may be supplied by client, for example,
logo of the company, after being added with animation, including flash.
Once the web maintenance is transferred, the client and/or third parties,
shall take down the relevant items and re-upload thier own designed and
developed items. Items discussed here are graphics of amended logos,
background images, animated images, frames and formats of website. Due to
the copyrights and intelectual property rights of works, we have to adhere
to our strictest principles.

Transferable rights of use of designed website is valid within the terms and
period of tenure of clients with Contacts Online, once this relationship ceased,
all rights of use is ceased. However, Contacts Online may grant client the use
of the design including images provided there is no changes to the design and
format of the website.

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